Soultone Extreme Series Cymbals – Review


Sometime ago I signed an artisit endorsement with Soultone Cymbals, so I think it’s only fitting that my first review is for my artist printed Extreme series Soultone cymbals.

Prior to using Soultone I used Paiste 2002’s a fairly popular brand in many genres. Those cymbals, for lack of a better description, “Did the job”. However as a drummer I am particular about sound, I can’t just go into a music store and pick a part without first testing every sound each bit can make. The first time I heard soultone I was very plesantly surprised, it rang with the perfect pitch to cut the highs of the punk rock style I was playing. those were the custom series, however I want to reveiw the extreme series. So here they are!


The reason for the change from custom were for two reasons I loved the look, the raw edge and bell gives these cymbals a very Rugged look and make them look decievingly small. The second, and most important, was that I progressed in to heavier and louder hardcore metal, for this I needed something louder and with more grunt to match the low toms and kick, but would still cut through the high not in an overpowering way, but a way that would bridge the gap between the lows and highs. Soultone Extreme series cymbals ticks these boxes to the letter.

The good: Unbeknownst to me when I ordered these, the raw bell, lathed bow, and raw edge actually gives these cymbals some very unique sounds. Firstly the bell, the raw (unlathed) fashion, gives you a very deep warm sound which means you can ride it in any song for as long as you want without worrying if the front row it getting a head ache. Next the bow, because this section is lathed, hitting it will give you a brighter more cutting sound. and finally the edge, this perfects the cymbal, this is where (on crashes and HiHats) you will hit most often, it is warm dark and cutting, so whether you use a crash, splash, or HiHat you know this always throws in perfect balance with low kick and bass to high guitar and snare. The loudness of these cymbals makes swells an absolute breeze!

The bad: Not alot you can say bad about these cymbals, more just preferences. The curve of these cymbals means while the first hit gives you a great sound the decay is slow and for it to dissapear quickly you would have to choke it. Also these cymbals are loud, seriously loud, Meaning those drummers with a light touch can have some real fun, but a newer drummer who loves to just wale on their cymbals should probably invest in some good head phones or at least duct tape.

The ugly: These cymbals, being hand made in a top quality kind of way, are expensive. I mean very expensive. That being said they will stick with you, I couldn’t possibly play without my soultones now!

The final word: These cymbals are great for drummer at an intermediate level to pro in many hard hitting genres, and maybe even budding stars looking for their first endorsement, with a raw edge and bell and lathed bow you can really utilise the control of dark and bright sounds, all of them with a warm slow decay


By Khye “Kriton” Bolin


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